COVID-19 Update

We are still here to help you with your eye care needs. See below for services we are currently offering.
As advised by College of Optometrists of Ontario, effective March 16, 2020, we are temporarily closed as a precaution to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Once our governing health authorities deem it safe to re-open, we will be rescheduling all previously cancelled appointments.

Dry Eye Products
If you are require any of our dry eye products, such as Thealoz Duo, Thealoz Gel, Hybak, Blephagel, Blephaclean, and Blephadex amongst others, please e-mail us at and we can ship them directly to your home.

Contact Lens Ordering
If you have a valid contact lens prescription, we can order your contact lenses and ship them to your home. Please email us at or fill out the following Contact Lens Order Form

For orders made before our closure, curbside side pick up can be arranged. If you have any inquires relating to your glasses or purchasing new eye wear, please email us at

Specialty Contact Lenses (Orthokeratology and Scleral Lenses)
These lenses require careful monitoring to minimize any complications. Since we are unable to do so during pandemic, we recommend all our existing patients wearing any of these lenses, to please discontinue and resume once our operations are running.

If you are experiencing an ocular emergency, please email us during our regular business hours at If you do not hear from us within 3 hours, please contact Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 or go to your nearest ER. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these uncertain times. Please stay safe, your health is important to us! We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Thank you,

Dr. Aneesha Jain and Dr. David S. Sooklal